Carol Denn

Carol Denn Rusty Crows, acrylic stencil and metallic paint on linen canvas, 122 x 91.5 x 4 cm


Forest Fashion, Mixed Media oil and acrylic paint, silver, shirt pattern collage on linen
101.5 x 76 x 4 cm, Self portrait of artist depicting woman with antlers and men's shirt pattern and silver mask in reference to nature and the business side of art.

Carol Denn

Carol Denn
Artist Statement

I am creating representational oil paintings with collage on linen canvas. The raw linen canvas remains visible and a feature in this work. I create narratives with paint, collage, text, fabric, stencils and objects around a central theme such as nature, memories and childhood. I am also interested in creating different visual planes by contrasting flat areas of paint and stencil with hand painted elements and tactile objects in low relief like keys, bees or fabric.

Having grown up in historical Yorktown, VA and now living and working from my studio in Bradford-on-Avon near Bath, history and storytelling have become a vibrant part of my paintings. Alongside having a strong graphic sense probably from my degree in Communications years of life drawing has led me to paint the essence of what I represent in hand painted outlines contrasted with flat areas of colour. In Home sweet Mortgage I have built up layers of meaning and depth by including supporting and subversive collage text that form a nest in low relief.
Some of the collage elements in this work are very personal and others have different symbolic meaning depending on how the viewer interprets them such as rusty keys or butterflies. This participation of the viewer to create their own narrative based on the meaning they bring to the collaged objects is what makes these works different for everyone.

2010 Consuming Nature Location: The Octagon, Milsom Place, Bath, UK
June 15-24th 2010, 10am -6pm Private View: Friday June 18th 6-8pm

2009 6@TheOctagon, Fringe Arts Festival Bath, England
2008 Masters of Fine Art Exhibition, Bath Spa University
2008 MA Interim Show, School Gallery, Bath Spa University
2007 L'Horizon, Monaco

Private Commissions

2008-2009 collage painting consisting of 9 smaller canvases hinged together Private Collection, 5 portrait commissions two of which were double portraits Private Collection


2007- 2008 MA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University, England
2003-5 Three years of figure/life drawing study at the Lycee Henri IV Paris, ADAC studio, working in oil, pastels and charcoal
2003-4 Attended weekly Art History Conferences at L'Ecole du Louvre Paris
2003 Semester of oil painting at the Ecole de Beaux Arts Paris
2000 BA in Art History minor in Communications University of Georgia, USA
1998 Study Abroad in Paris through Wells College, Life Drawing and photography at Parsons College